The Mental And Physical Benefits of Kayaking For Fitness

While there are many outdoor exercises, Kayaking is, undoubtedly, one of the one of the most engaging and entertaining exercises. One minute you are zipping through rapid waters, the next you are admiring your surroundings as you glide through the water. Kayaking, however, is not just another way of creating variations in your workouts. This water sport portends numerous fitness benefits that can contribute to your overall well-being, 5 of which we take a look at below as follows:

1. 1. A fitter body

Needless to say, most people seek exercises that will burn enough calories thereby contributing to weight loss. If you can access a kayak, proper kayaking equipment, and a water body, this activity can play a pivotal role in your efforts to burn fat and build a slimmer physique. Studies indicate that a 180 –pound person burns over 220 calories during a 30-minute kayaking session. And while this calorie burn is slower in comparison to various forms of exercise, over the duration of a long excursion, it is actually easier to burn upwards of 1,000 calories.

2. 2. Internal and external strength

Research has shown that kayaking is not only responsible for the strengthening of a number of major muscles throughout the body, but it can elevate one’s cardiovascular health as well. It provides a beneficial difference from standard weight training exercises as the water in which you paddle provides a unique resistance that challenges the muscles with a flowing, constant frictional pull. This resistance alternates between the right and left sides of the body as you propel through the water leaving little time for rest between strokes. It is this amount of focused reps done in such a short time that explain why kayaking is such a beneficial and unique exercise. Besides providing a grueling upper-body workout, it is also ideal for your lower body since it is possible to navigate the kayak using leg movements thus keeping the entire body active.

3. 3. Core development

Kayaking is an excellent tool for strengthening the core muscles i.e. your obliques, abs, and even hip muscles. This is because one must balance the kayak in order to stay upright while in the water and with every paddle stroke, you need to counter-balance the boat with the core muscles to prevent it from tipping over. Also, as you rotate your arms to propel forward, your core sides must rotate to stabilize the kayak as it moves- all of which develop your abs while burning the fat surrounding your midsection.  It’s extremely important to practice this when you are an active fisherman or fisher woman and you plan on taking an outdoor adventure on the best fishing kayak like these here from  If you are in need of a tandem kayak for a dual boating adventure, these are also a great way to keep you both fit.

4. 4. A happy clear mind

Kayaking is classified as one of the exercises that play an integral role in improving one’s mental health. This is because aerobic exercise triggers the release of chemicals in the brain that can drastically improve your mood. Therefore, if you are stressed, depressed, or just need a break from your hectic day-to-day schedule, paddling a kayak may just turn out to be the relaxing workout you need. Further, the physical benefits derived from such a workout may also leave you with a higher self-esteem.

5. 5. Improvement in health

Kayaking provides an excellent aerobic workout, which ought to be a key component of your fitness routine. Some of the general benefits of aerobic exercises such as this include improved heart health, lower blood pressure, increased endurance, blood sugar control, better lung strength, and better regulation of cholesterol levels.

How Looking Great Physically Can Help Self Esteem

Ever since we were kids, the way we look in the mirror has defined to a large extent who we are. We all remember that tall kid back in grade school who was way too lanky for his and he got a nickname to that effect. Or that overweight kid who was always being teased for his size. This does not stop. The way we look is still very significant in defining who are even later in life. What we see when we look in the mirror affects not only what other people think of us, but also how we ourselves consider ourselves. Self esteem is a description of how highly we consider ourselves. It has deeper repercussions than just the superficial and physical. Low self esteem can can cause or aggravate mental instability and illnesses like depression. Therefore high self esteem is important for good mental health.

If we look great physically, we are going to have a high esteem of ourselves. the vice versa is also true – if we do not look good, this will also get into our heads. just how does looking good physically affect our self esteem?People who look great physically more often than not are able to gain acceptance and admiration from other people. They tend to attract more attention, and therefore have more influence. The lean, curvacious and good-looking girl who has done her hair with curls from a curling wand like these, is more likely to gain a greater following from admirers; as well as gifts such as bouquets of flowers. Such people are also more likely to be more confident in their undertakings as they have already have gone a long way in gaining attention and acceptance from other people.

This is mainly because humans are social creatures and the desire to gain acceptance from other people is a basic human instinct. This an evolutionary development from the early times because humans were more likely to survive if they lived in groups. Acceptance from the other people meant that you were less likely to be cast off from the group; and as a consequence, you were more likely to survive.Of course that was in the old, primitive times. things are more civil now. This evolutionary development is however already engrained in us and affects how we think on both the conscious and subconscious level.

If we work out and our bodies take shape, we are more likely to gain more admiration and acceptance from other people; and by extension, we will feel great about ourselves. So therefore looking good physically can be paramount to how highly we consider ourselves.If you work out and start getting that body in shape, you are guaranteed to get more attention from people. Wash your hair and keep yourself clean.  You will will fit your clothes better and look sharper. nice clothes and a great shave will naturally create more magnetism around you; and the compliments will come, needless to say. Above all that, you’ll most definitely just love what you see in the mirror; and in no time, your self esteem will simply sky-rocket.

Learning to Focus on Positives for Today

Concentrating on the positives instead of the negatives is one of the best methods for personal development — which can be difficult to accomplish at times. If you’re like some people who find it difficult to try keeping your mind on good things, then it’ll likely lead you to the things you hate. You may want to start focusing on the positive — for today.


The concept behind such words is that if you happen to be addicted to a particular thing, it can be challenging to “give it up and never doing it again.” As a matter of fact, there are few things that’ll make you want to have the need to do something than making a promise of never doing that addicting thing ever again.

It’s how the AA came up with the concept — never make a promise to changing your ways for good but promise to do what’s right for today. Continue reading

Reaching Your Goals with Meditation

Hopefully you’ve given thought of setting some meditation goals for yourself. Now is the appropriate time to accomplish this in a formal fashion since keeping things in mind will help you in the long run. You’ll likely adhere through your meditation and goals if you what you’re aiming for is written down.

First off, it’s important to include the things that brought you to meditation. Find out the path that led you to that moment. Perhaps you know people who regularly meditate. Or maybe you’ve read something about meditation or saw its benefits on social media. Maybe you were surfing through only one day and you came across the topic that left you an immediate impression.

The aspect of how you were attracted to meditation can tell you things regarding your goals. Maybe you were in feeling stressed and you wanted to find a solution. In your end, relief from stress is likely your goal. Or you want to be enlightened and felt that need for something better in life. Continue reading