Learning to Focus on Positives for Today

Concentrating on the positives instead of the negatives is one of the best methods for personal development — which can be difficult to accomplish at times. If you’re like some people who find it difficult to try keeping your mind on good things, then it’ll likely lead you to the things you hate. You may want to start focusing on the positive — for today.


The concept behind such words is that if you happen to be addicted to a particular thing, it can be challenging to “give it up and never doing it again.” As a matter of fact, there are few things that’ll make you want to have the need to do something than making a promise of never doing that addicting thing ever again.

It’s how the AA came up with the concept — never make a promise to changing your ways for good but promise to do what’s right for today.

As you may have known, emotions are caused by the release of chemicals from the brain. Danger and fear creates an adrenalin rush that gives you the power to accomplish things in case of an emergency.

Being content, calm, peaceful, and experiencing pleasure creates beneficial chemicals that strengthen your overall well-being and health.

On the other hand, feelings of frustration, hate, stress, and resentment lead to a production of harmful chemicals which lead to physical and mental problems, poor judgment, which in turn lead to accidents, early aging, and death. Those are just addition to the misery those feelings trigger.

Frequently flooding your body and mind with unneeded and harmful chemicals can, in the long run, evolve into addiction on its own right. So even when you want to take steps to feel better of yourself and those around you, the temptation on rewinding back to the hurtful, fear, injustice, or failure memories can be overwhelming.

Regardless if you feel bad about yourself from time to time or you’re flooding negative emotions that you can’t see at any point of escaping, there are some things you may consider trying. Make a decision to decide at this moment and right here, that you want to make the world the way you intended it to be — only for today.

It’s time to look into yourself and start fulfilling these promises:

Be positive on everything you say, feel, think, and do regardless of whatever happens
Fill your heart with love instead of hate for yourself and the world
Let go of your resentment and learn to be at peace
Forgive yourself for your past mistakes and forget them
Look into yourself for the things you want to be and act for that reason
Consider the needs of others and truthfully express your opinion and feelings, and stand by what you say
Smile at every person you come across
Concentrate on the things you love as opposed to expressing hate
Find the good things about you and those around you
Interact and think with appreciation and thank people for the good they’ve done to you

You won’t have any idea how strong and simple these methods are until you’ve given them a try. Once you’ve tried them yourself and you feel the thrill of other people treating you with respect and liking, you’ll likely want to use them daily. The choice is entirely up to you. The biggest obstacle is to try utilizing the steps — for today.

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